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100% bonuses for Purchasing IHG Rewards Club Points

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IHG Rewards Club offers points promotion until September 24, 2019 with a bonus of 100% ! Explanations.

Buy IHG points with a bonus

For Canadians, it is difficult to get IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) points.

Two possibilities:

  • stay in IHG Group hotels (and take advantage of the frequent bonuses associated with overnight stays)
  • purchase points

If we advise against the purchase of points “in regular periods”, it can be advantageous during the promotion period as is currently the case.

100% more points when purchasing IHG points

For a limited time, you could get 100% IHG bonus points by purchasing points.

This promotion runs until September 24, 2019

The maximum number of points may differ depending on each IHG account.

We have the option to buy up to 100,000 IHG points and receive 100,000 IHG points as bonuses or 200,000 IHG points in total.

In our case, this would allow us to get a maximum of 200,000 points (including 100,000 bonus points) at a cost of 1,000 US$ = $0.005 per point.

To get this rate, you have to buy at least 7,000 IHG points (in our case):

Usually, buying IHG points costs between US$ 0.01/point and US$0.0135/point: the saving represented by this bonus is substantial by getting points at US$ 0.005 (CA$ 0.0066)

The transaction will be in U.S. dollars. We recommend that you use a card that does not charge a foreign currency conversion fee such as the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* or Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card You will save 2.5% on that transaction !

Is it worth buying IHG points?

The answer to this question is… yes and no.

If you have no travel plans – or if these are not in the“sweet spots”of the IHG group: don’t buy points.

If you have a well-defined travel plan with IHG hotels in mind, or would like to take advantage of the regular“PointsBreak” promotion, yes, it’s worth buying IHG points!

PointsBreak is a regularly renewed list by IHG allowing you to get hotels at 5,000 / 10,000 / 15,000 points per night.

As part of this promotion, if you buy 100,000 points for $1,000 and get 200,000 IHG points in total, you could spend:

  • 40 nights in hotels at 5,000 points (or US$25 / night)
  • 20 nights in hotels at 10,000 points (US$50/night)
  • 13 nights in hotels at 15,000 points (US$77/night)


Buying IHG pointscan therefore be interesting for some people, whether for a specific travel objective and/or to complete a points balance in order to get a free night.

But if you are not in any of these situations, we advise you not to buy points: it will be more beneficial to turn to other programs that allow you to get points via credit card subscription bonuses:

Cover photo – Credit: Kimpton Epic Hotel – Miami – IHG

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