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How to use Rewards?

To the point The online travel agency has a rewards program: Rewards. Find out how it works. Rewards is for casual travellers who:

  • don’t earn enough nights to get a status with a hotel program like Marriott Bonvoy
  • want to book the hotels of their choice
  • are interested in collecting rewards
  • switch between Airbnb rentals and hotels
Hotels Com Rewards

How to earn Rewards nights? Rewards is straightforward: you collect 1 stamp for every night you stay in more than 500,000 properties around the world.

  • for 10 one-night stays
  • for a 10-night stay
  • for several stays, leading to 10 nights

You can earn several free nights in your Rewards account and use them whenever you want. You don’t have to use your free night on your 11th night.


However, you won’t collect a stamp if:

  • you used a promotional code
  • you haven’t stayed in the hotel
  • you used a free night
  • the hotel was doing a special promotion

How to use Rewards nights?

The value of Rewards nights

The value of your reward night is equivalent to the average cost of your 10 paid nights (excluding fees and taxes).

For example:

Night Value
1 $100
2 $120
3 $80
4 $200
5 $400
6 $150
7 $60
8 $90
9 $110
10 $140
Total $1,310
Free night value $131

So you can stay in any types of hotels, from a hostel to a 5-star hotel: in the end, your reward night will have a 10% value of your ten nights.

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Using Rewards Nights

To use your Rewards free nights, it’s easy: you can apply them as a deduction for any new booking. The condition is that the cost of the night you are about to book is greater than or equal to the value of your free night.

If the cost is lower, you can apply your free night but the difference will be lost.


Besides, the reward night does not cover taxes and other fees charged by the hotel.

Finally, it is not possible to use the value of several free nights to cover the cost of one expensive night. Rewards Status Rewards has three status tiers:

Status Conditions
Rewards Member Upon enrollment in the program
Silver Member Book and stay 10 nights or more during your current membership year
Gold Member Book and stay 30 nights or more during your current membership year
$50 or more

Only hotel bookings of CAD 50 or more count toward Silver and Gold qualification, before points or discounts are applied.

Benefits of Rewards status

Here is the summary of the benefits offered according to your Rewards status:

Benefits Rewards Silver Gold
Secret prices
Collect 10 stamps, get 1 reward night
Priority customer service
Hassle-free Travel Guarantee
Price Guarantee Plus
Silver and Gold Exclusives
VIP access
VIP free room upgrades and more

VIP Access Advantage Rewards Silver and Gold Members have VIP Access advantage.

VIP Access properties have been highly rated for excellent service. You’ll enjoy guaranteed free WiFi, and, in some hotels:

  • free breakfast
  • airport transfers
  • spa vouchers
  • complimentary room upgrade (Gold member)

Price Guarantee Plus benefit Rewards members are eligible for Price Guarantee Plus.

If you find a lower price for the same hotel room you booked with, submit a claim up to 24 hours before the start date of your stay, and will refund you the difference.

To open a claim, fill out the form on that page.

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You could also shop or book with a lot more of our partners! Gift cards

You can combine into one. You can collect a stamp, bringing you closer to your free night, even if you pay with a gift card.

You can get gift cards through rewards programs promotions (like RBC Rewards).

Alternatively, you can find gift cards on or at many places such as grocery stores, drugstores, convenience stores or gas stations. It’s a great way to earn reward points with your credit card.

With Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card, you earn 5 points per dollar when you buy a gift card at a grocery store. That’s the equivalent of 5%.

Redeem travel points for bookings is recognized by all rewards programs offering travel points as a travel agency. You will, therefore, be able to redeem your points to save on your bookings.

For example with:

Conclusion Rewards program is straightforward. This program is for occasional travellers who do not necessarily book in a branded-hotel or who wish to be free to choose the hotel they want.

Enrolling in Rewards is free.

In our opinion, the best credit card to use for is the Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card:

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